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Lagu DJ Terbaru 2020 Viral Tiktok, DJ You Know I'll Go Get Remix MP3 Download Disini (VIDEO)

MP3 DJ You Know Ill Go Get dan kumpulan lagu-lagu DJ Tiktok Viral 2020 hits terpopuler saat ini.

Okay, so can I get love, too much to ask for
Really so tough
Find yourself moving with sex of the drums
Got my hands full, grabbin' all these girls, girls
Hands up, hands up, dance floor chillin' while I hold two cups
Can't stop spilling, 'cause I'm drunk as fuck
And my song comes on, and the club goes nuts
Every time the side goes, seems to ya sleep, best that to ya know
Running around, and doing all these shows
Round the whole globe, I come, and you go girl
And you need to think of it
Just wrap for the night, baby live a bit
With a place to hit, and your pants to zip
You can make a scene and party, are you into it

In this crazy world of choices I've only got a few
Either you're coming with me, or I'm coming with you
'Cause I finally found, I finally found you

Finally finally finally found you
Finally finally finally found
Finally found, I finally found you
You know I'm gonna get yeah

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