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Fiki Naki Dituding Dayana Lovers Jadi Biang Bad Ending Demi Demik, Berawal dari Sepatu Kulit Buaya

Pihak Youtuber Indonesia Fiki Naki dituding jadi biang memburuknya hubungan Dayana dengan Fiki Naki hingga memunculkan haters

Maksud dari Dayana bukanlah begitu, tapi followers yang ia maksud adalah followers yang masuk dalam kategori haters yang telah menuding dan mencaci maki dirinya.

Berikut klarifikasi lengkap Dayana Demi Demik :

"When I was in Dubai, it was hard for me to deal with the hate in my direction. It seemed to me that I was breaking and that now I was all alone. But then I started to notice more and more positive comments.

My fans were arguing with the haters. They protected me and sincerely wished me success.

Then I thought that if I become weak, then my fans will lose in the carnage with the haters and I will be a weak idol for them.

I decided that I will be strong no matter what, I will be strong for the sake of my fans, for the sake of my family.

Many were misinformed that I didn't need subscribers from Indonesia, even though it was about haters. I love my fans, because I consider you a part of my family.

The fact that you write to me and my mom means a lot to me, many are throwing off video support. Today I found out that a large international family had raised money to buy me a gift that I had dreamed of for so long.

In this bracelet, every pendant has a meaning. One for travel, the other for love and good luck, but there is also one that I chose specifically so that it personifies our huge family.

He is with the teddy bear "Life is better with friends", I did not find anything suitable, because you are my friends, family and the closest.

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