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Lagu Tiktok Viral 2021: Lirik Lagu Ladidadida Pump It & Link Download MP3 Ladidadida Tiktok

Download Lagu PUMP IT ladida ladadida yang viral di tiktok 2021. Berikut lirik lagu ladadida.

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Adalah Lagu PUMP IT ladida ladadida.

Berikut lirik lagu ladadida.

Ha ha ha
Pump it
Ha ha ha

And pump it (louder)
Pump it (louder)
Pump it (louder)
Pump it (louder)

Turn up the radio
Blast your stereo
Niggas wanna hate on us (who)
Niggas be envious (who)
I know why they hatin' on us (why)
'Cause that's so fabulous (what)
I'm a be real on us (c'mon)
Nobody got nuttin' on us (no)
Girls be all on us, from London back down to the US (s, s)

We rockin', it's contagious
Monkey business outrageous
Just confess, your girl admits that we the shit

F-r-e-s-h (fresh)
D-e-f, that's right we def (rock)
We definite B-E-P, we rappin' it

So, turn me up (turn it up)
Turn me up (turn it up)
Turn me up (turn it up)

C'mon baby, just

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